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Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

One of the many things you’ll find unique about Rainbow Riders is the Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs). We hope that every family will join our PTA and/or volunteer in the program for 2-3 hours each year. When families get involved at Rainbow Riders, everyone benefits - especially our children. The purpose of the PTA is to promote the well-being of children families and teachers at Rainbow Riders and this is accomplished in a variety of ways. Our PTA plans monthly meetings, parent lecture/information sessions, family potluck dinners, socials, and other special events. In addition, their fundraising efforts support Week of the Young Child and teacher appreciation celebrations, technology enhancement, playground improvements, and small project grants for which teachers, families, or administration can apply.

There are so many different ways that I have been involved in my children's experiences while they've been at Rainbow Riders: teaching fitness with the kids, healthy habits with families, being the PTA President, family socials, Rainbow Riders 5K and Fun Run and just hanging out at drop-off/pick-up! I've not only gotten to know a lot of other families, I've gotten know a lot of the staff too. These relationships have made a big impact on our family. Jesse Hilmandolar

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Families and teachers meet several times each year in parent-teacher conferences to discuss children’s development. Beginning with Ages and Stages Questionnaires®, Third Edition (ASQ-3), or Brigance Early Head Start Screen III that families share with teachers, we learn about your child from you. Together, developmentally appropriate goals are written and become a guide for teachers to plan curriculum and to document growth. Individualized portfolios are created for each child and follow them throughout their experience in the program, from their infant through preschool years. At our SMLC site, parent meetings are held almost monthly with our Family Development Specialist. These meetings provide opportunities for families to get to know and support each other.

Opportunity for Involvement

We embrace the diversity of our families and staff and value our time together. With an open-door policy for families, our facilities were designed with intention to welcome you. Our staff are here to listen, share stories, and get to know your family. In addition to daily communications, families have many ways to be involved at Rainbow Riders. There are both classroom and school-wide activities and projects, PTA meetings, socials, celebrations, annual surveys/meetings, and other community building experiences. Through these interactions, we are inspired by everyone in our learning community and build long- lasting, positive relationships.

Tuition Supplement Program

Rainbow Riders offers families scholarship opportunities with the Tuition Supplement Program (TSP). The PTA supports this program that enables families determined to be most in need to pay a reduced tuition fee each month. Applications are due in the summer with commitments for the next school year announced in early August.

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